Q-Tip Cotton Buds - Five New Ways To Put Them To Use


Perfume touch-up

Cotton wool swabs are synonymous with ear-cleaning, but over the years doctors recommend that we never actually put them inside the ear canal. The ear canal is made up of tiny, delicate nerve ends and corridors. Poking them with a sharp-ended cotton wool swab could damage the ear drum, leading to deafness. Nonetheless, Q-tips and cotton buds continue to sell and while you can use them to clean around the ear, they make pretty handy items when it comes to other practical uses. Users have found that if you dip the cotton wool end in a small amount of perfume and seal it in a plastic food/freezer bag, the scent will last for hours. This comes in handy if you're out and about and don't want to lug along a large bottle of perfume in your bag. You can top up your scent by dabbing the perfumed swab on your wrists or neck. Apparently the swab will stay moist and fresh for days.

Teeth-whitening aid

Because of its small proportions, the Q-tip is perfect for getting into awkward places. Many have found cotton wool swabs useful when it comes to teeth-whitening rituals. Teeth-whitening solutions can be bought in drug stores, chemists and even supermarkets these days but you can actually make your own at home and it won't cost you a fortune either. Simply mix together a small amount of baking soda, regular toothpaste and a tiny drop of hydrogen peroxide (bleach) to form a thick substance. For an extra clean, add some coarse salt to the mixture. Use a cotton wool bud to apply the paste, because of its small head it can ensure all the enamel is completely covered. It's recommended you leave the paste on for a few hours or overnight if possible.

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