"Hello, It's Me" - Adele's Surprise Visit To Sick Girl

Adele is one of the world's most famous singers. She's known for the incredible power of her voice and her remarkable range. She sang the classic theme to the James Bond film "Skyfall". She's made more money than most of us could ever dream of and has a lifestyle that a lot of us envy. But Adele isn't a machine — she's very much a human being, as she proved recently when she took a break from her latest world tour so that she could give a sick little girl a truly beautiful present.

A sick child's love

Rebecca Gibney is 12, an age when most girls would be playing with friends outside, stressing out about their skin and perhaps daydreaming about boys. Sadly, she's unable to do any of these things. Because of conditions including epilepsy and cerebral palsy, Rebecca has to be looked after all day. She's unable to talk, can't walk on her own and is often incapable even of leaving her bed. There is one thing she does share with other 12-year-olds, though: a love of music. Her mother, Tracy, said that Rebecca listened to Adele's music every single day and had always wanted to meet her idol.

Never give up

Tracy launched an online campaign to ask Adele to visit her disabled daughter at their home in Belfast before it was too late. Rebecca had been told two years earlier that she had only six months to live, and had already defied expectations by fighting on for so long. Tracy tried to get in touch with Adele's management team, setting up a page on to back up her campaign, but months later she'd still heard nothing and was becoming desperate. Eventually, having got hold of Adele's manager's email address, she sent a message while Adele was performing in Belfast.
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