"What Did I Do Wrong, Mummy?"

Most parents caring for young children will recognise the scenario: something demands your attention and you are distracted for a few moments until you suddenly realise that all has gone ominously quiet - too quiet! This is exactly what happened to Victoria Farmer and her husband from Colorado, who had been painting the interior of their house with a view to improving it before putting it on the market. She had been unable to replace the lid of the paint can tightly, but did not dream that Anistyn would succeed in opening it by herself. "It was awful," said Mrs Farmer. "Anistyn just got into the can of paint and submerged herself! I said 'Anistyn!' but she just stood there as if frozen and didn't say anything. I don't think I'm a bad, irresponsible parent, it's just that she is so quick!" Mrs Farmer yelled for her sister to come and help her clear up the little girl. Young Anistyn had left white footprints and smears all over the house. Luckily, the paint marks had not dried and were fairly easy to clean up with some damp cloths, although there are still a few spots and smears left on the floors around the house.
Victoria could not resist posting pictures of the dramatic moment when she fist saw her white-painted daughter on social media and they rapidly went viral! She said later that Anistyn has previous form for covering herself with anything she could get her hands on, felt tip pens, watercolours and fingerpaints, and that she could write a book about all the insane things her little daughter gets up to. Anistyn is only just two but her mother said that the "terrible twos" had started several months early! Victoria has recently shared a picture of Anistyn's latest piece of mischief: she was giving a phone interview when Anistyn unrolled a large scroll of drawing paper over the floor in front of her mum, as if to say that she was ready for Round 2!

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