Rachel And Poul - When Love Rings True


When love comes full circle

Minnesota mother of two, Rachel Pederson took the decision to upload a photograph of her engagement ring and post it on Facebook. The ring which is small and dainty, boasts a modest quarter carat diamond centre and drew a lot of commentary from insensitive family and friends. Twenty-seven year old Rachel who married Poul after a whirlwind romance, was fed up with remarks that hinted she needed to upgrade the ring to something a bit bigger, as they felt it didn't quite make a statement regarding her success as a person. Rachel was horrified that people would use the size and expense of an engagement ring as a measuring stick when it comes to social status and standing. She explained how she had met her betrothed in Perkin's Diner and instantly fell in love. Just thirteen days later, the couple eloped and Poul presented her with the precious engagement ring right before the ceremony. Rachel was a single mother at the time and had one daughter called Dakota. The couple now have a second child, another daughter who they named Dililah. Rachel claims that she used to dream about sporting a huge diamond engagement ring from Tiffany's, but the taunts she experienced made her think again about what the ring symbolizes; their mutual and growing love for each other. Now she wouldn't swap her ring for anything. Rachel's sensationalist internet rant, garnered sympathy and compassion from women worldwide, proving yet again, that love is more than a precious commodity - it's what makes the world go around.
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