Reap Into The Benefits Of A Foot Bath Using Milk And Baking Soda.

The problem with dry and cracked feet is that most people tend to treat it as a health condition rather than hygiene negligence. Acute cracks in the heels can lead to serious ailments, but this is more of a beauty care than anything else. If you fail to treat your feet in the early phases of dryness, it can lead to severe discomfort in this area. In some cases, cracks may even cause skin infection. If you find yourself in this situation, make sure you give your feet extra attention. One of the easiest and most effective natural remedies that some people swear by is mixing milk and baking soda together as a foot bath ingredient. Here is some information about the benefits and uses of these natural ingredients for your feet.
To prevent your dry feet from worsening, (like bleeding or cracking) make sure you begin caring for them as soon as you notice the skin getting hardened.
Although there are many safe and effective over-the-counter remedies that give good results, but they can’t be used over the long term. The simplest way to cure your dry or cracked feet is by using a safe home remedy rather than ointments or creams.
Milk is one of the best known natural moisturizers for the skin. A warm foot soak on a daily basis is recommended for people suffering from chronic dry feet. Add a cup of hot milk to your foot bath to experience softer skin. If you prefer using powdered milk, add 2 cups to your bath while it’s filling. Lactic acid, the main ingredient in milk, is full of skin softening properties for a resilient and smoother skin. Lactic acid acts similarly to alpha hydroxyl acid, which is found in expensive foot lotions and creams. This compound dissolves the proteins that stick to dead skin cells. It’s ideal for soothing burns after spending too much time tanning in the sun.

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