Recycling Old Plastic Bottles - Ten Ways To Get Creative Results


Bottle bird feeder

Here's a simple way to recycle a used plastic bottle that's not only fun to make but will benefit our feathered friends in the garden. Wash out the bottle with warm water and dry thoroughly. Using a sharp knife or screwdriver, drill four holes near the bottom of the bottle. Make sure the holes are about three inches apart, (two on either side). Make sure they are wide enough to slide a piece of small wood through them but not so large that the piece of wood is wobbly. You can use variations of the piece of wood. Wooden spoons make excellent perching platforms, as do other wide-ended kitchen utensils. Fill the bottle three quarters full with bird seed and secure the cap. Attach a small screw to the lid and hang with a piece of household twine. It won't cost the earth, but the earth will thank you anyway.

Bottle planters and pots

Old plastic bottles make excellent containers for a variety of seed germinating projects. Whether you're tending to spring bulbs, a herb garden or some simple annual flowers, the reliable sawn-off soda bottle is as good as any fancy pot you buy in a gardening centre and it won't cost you a penny. Think outside the box and get creative by painting the bottles before you plant.Bottle planters and pots They can be embellished with labels, pretty ribbon and even shells and crystals can be adhered to their sides. If you feel they're unsightly and they don't stand upright naturally, try storing them in a pretty square wicker basket. The basket will hold the planters in place and will make an attractive display platform. Of course, you can grow more than flowers in sawn-off bottles. Try some vegetables like carrots, onions, potatoes or tomatoes.

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