Relics And Ruins - Unearthing The Past At Lake Casitas


What lies beneath

Freak weather conditions in California are becoming more and more widespread. Because of global warming, climates are subject to unusual conditions that can cause either severe flooding or the opposite; a drought. It was during the drought episodes that the remains of an old construction site was unearthed at Lake Casitas to reveal the sight of an old elementary school. The school had been submerged in the lake water since the early 1900's. The uncovered ruins belonged to the Santa Ana School which was levelled in 1957 to create the man-made lake which provides water for human consumption. The school's foundations were still very much in tact, despite being submerged in sixty-nine feet of water for all those years.

Times gone by

A gentleman named, David Hartman, was a pupil who attended the Santa Ana School and was one of the first people to find the steps that led down inside the historical site. One wonders how he must have felt as he stepped back into his years of youth, and continued on his expedition of the buried ruins. While the site revealed its ancient secrets, locals were more concerned about the decreasing levels in the reservoir, as it's only half full now. A spokesperson from the Municipal Water District board, Ron Merckling had this to say. "The only thing we can do is rely on conservation and demand reduction, and that's going to start hurting some economically." Whatever about the ongoing needs of the locals, a little bit of history doesn't do us any harm, especially when it brings back memories from our precious childhoods.
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