Relics And Ruins - Unearthing The Past At Lake Casitas


The lake Casitas district

Lake Casitas is located in the Los Padres National Forest of Ventura County, California. The lake is not a natural phenomena as it was built to serve as a water reservoir for the local area. The lake is home to a dam that was constructed by the United States Bureau of Reclamation. The levy was built to serve the Ventura river flow and has had many alterations since. As the area is notorious for seismic activity, it was reinforced so it could cope with bigger earthquakes. The water project provides drinking water for the locals and it's also used commercially to irrigate the surrounding land. It also helps in some ways to prevent flooding. Lake Casitas has a small island as a centrepiece with a peak that is about five hundred feet tall.

A hikers paradise

Over the years, Lake Casitas has enjoyed many visiting tourists. The landscape is beautiful and it's perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who like to camp. Casitas Municipal Water district which governs the lake, forbids human beings from bathing in it, because the water is used for human consumption only. However, legislation is in place that allows other water sports and activities; fishing, boating, rowing. Camping around Lake Casitas is a popular pastime attracting holiday makers every year and it has some claims to fame. Lake Casitas was the location chosen to host the 1984 Summer Olympics, canoeing and rowing events and it was also used for filming scenes from the movie Camp Greenlake. Recently it featured in a news item when the lake was subject to an unusual drying out process due to freak weather conditions, and what it revealed was quite something.
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