Remove Flies From Your Home With These Handy Methods, Tips And Tricks


10 - Creating Your Own Fly Trap

A particularly effective remedy for a fly infestation is to set up a contraption that will attract the flies and trap them. To construct a fly trap, you will need some hand soap, honey, oil seeds, a bowl of water and shrink wrap. In the bowl of water add the honey, oil seeds and hand soap. Seal the top of the bowl with the shrink wrap and perforate it in three places, creating openings for the flies to enter. The honey will attract the flies and entice them through the openings, effectively trapping them as they can’t get out. If you want a more basic solution, the honey alone is enough to attract flies and entangle them so they can no longer fly away. Put a few teaspoons in a bowl and leave out in affected areas.

9 - Secure Your Waste Bins

Rather than setting up traps, why not prevent flies from invading your home in the first place. Flies will find sources of food in a range of places, but especially where there is decomposing food and waste. As well as searching out sustenance, they lay their eggs in food waste. Sealing up rubbish and covering bins will prevent the smell of decomposing matter from escaping and attracting flies. Indoor bins should have a lid on them to keep out flies, and food waste containers that you throw your fruits and vegetables in need a secure and airtight lid. If possible, keeping your food in the fridge is ideal, rather than letting it stand out on display. Fruit such as bananas will, of course, have to stay in the fruit bowl. As well as properly storing waste, keeping surfaces and floors clean will eliminate small morsels of food that flies will happily feed on.

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