Revealed - How Kate Middleton Walks So Effortlessly In High Heels

People have often wondered how Kate Middleton wears a pair of heels so effortlessly at public appearances, whether walking through the admiring crowds or standing for photographs.
Well, now the mystery has been solved. The Duchess of Cambridge fits her expensive footwear with insoles made from Italian-sourced sheepskin. Retailing at £13, these uniquely-designed Alice Bow insoles protect the feet from blisters while shaping the shoe to fit perfectly, according to the product’s designers. Revealed – How Kate Middleton Walks So Effortlessly In High Heels Kate appears to love to wearing tall heels while carrying out her public duties and was even seen wearing a pair while presenting her latest newborn baby, Charlotte Windsor, to the waiting crowds. Having a pair of reliable insoles will likely be welcome relief for the Duchess.
They are designed by Rachel Bowditch, founder of the Alice Bow Store, and feature non-slip spots to prevent squeezed toes. Made from Italian leather, the insoles come in a variety of colours including gold, bronze and silver, but it’s not known which colour the Duchess prefers.
Kate has become a fashion icon since her marriage to Prince William - particularly in the UK and the US - setting off trends whenever she steps out for public appearances. Known at “The Kate Effect,” the sales generated from this news that she wears Alice Bow insoles will be music to designer Rachel Bowditch’s ears.
At Princess Charlotte’s christening, a good test of the effectiveness of these insoles was seen when the Duchess had to walk in high heels from Sandringham House all the way to St. Mary Magdalene Church, an estimated mile-long distance. Despite the long walk, she didn’t appear to struggle in her sky-high heels at all while pushing her newborn along in a pram. Revealed – How Kate Middleton Walks So Effortlessly In High Heels Rachel Bowditch on her website says that she designed the insoles to eliminate blisters, creating a comfortable solution for women wanting to wear their favourite shoes more often. She saw that the other options for insoles out there on the market were “unsightly” so set out to create her own stylish solution.
News that the Duchess was currently wearing the Alice Bow insoles was broken by Vanity Fair, which also released details on why she has not been seen wearing wedges in public appearances recently. In their latest issue, the magazine revealed that the queen was not a fan of this type of footwear, preferring tall heels instead.
The Duchess has clearly followed suit and made tall heels a permanent fixture of her attire. And with that, many admirers will likely do the same and wear heels more often, rather than flats or wedges.

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