Revealing Why You Wake Up At Night



Most people go to bed and fall asleep anytime between 9pm & 11pm. This ties in with the body's circadian rhythm as the endocrine system prepares to repair and rebalance the body, releasing different hormones and replenishing enzymes to get ready for the new day. Those who find it difficult to fall asleep when first going to bed could be experiencing feelings of 'fight or flight', related to events in daily life that the mind perceives as challenging, stressful or even frightening. Such feelings result from a variety of problems, challenges and traumas from the past and those perceived in the future. The body's natural reaction is to want to combat these problems by fighting them or running away from them, both of which aren't conducive to sleep. Anyone caught in this trap should try repeating positive, self-affirming mantras to boost self-esteem and promote calm. This technique should help to release tension and divert the mind away from anxious thoughts. Other factors that could influence the ability to fall asleep include bad eating habits or having a meal too close to bedtime.


Those who wake up between the hours of 11pm and 1am could be experiencing mental disturbances caused by feelings of resentment and/or a general malaise with life. At this point in the 24 circadian cycle, the body converts Yin energy into Yang energy. The potent yang energy is a powerfully active force that comes from within and it's released at this time of night so the body can replenish vital stores for the following day. At the same time, inside the body the gallbladder is actively breaking down the fat content from foods eaten during the previous day, so anyone struggling to sleep between these hours should try to eat healthy fats in their diet to help the body complete its natural processes. On a mental level, it's important to keep emphasising feelings of self worth and love. Although it may be difficult to prevent feelings of panic when lying awake in the night, this is the worst thing to do as panic will only expend valuable energy and prevent the body from healing and rejuvenating.
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