Rowdy Youths Cause KFC Store To Impose Ban On Unaccompanied Kids.

Staff at a Stoke On Trent branch of KFC have taken the unusual step of banning under 18s from their restaurant over fears of violence. It comes in the wake of several attacks on staff by youths who are now only allowed in on their own if ordering food to take away. Store manager Liam Dalgarno told reporters that the measure came as a result of several fights between local tearaways that soon involved the staff and left them fearing for their safety. " A minority have been causing trouble. Really they only came in for the Wi-Fi but we have reduced the distance of it so now it only reaches the doors." However, this soon erupted into a much worse situation, indicative of a local problem with violence that police have advised has led to firearm seizures, as well as quelling violence at a nearby competing McDonald's, which erupted into an all out brawl where 24 teenagers took to the streets in a shocking display of anti-social behaviour. The situation was, up until recently, being managed by ramping up patrols and focusing on anti-social behaviour as a community priority. However, that doesn't appear to have sorted the problem, as KFC's drastic measures show.
As a result, Dalgarmo has made the tough decision to ban under 18's from remaining in the restaurant if unaccompanied. "Under-18s are not strictly banned from the premises", he says. "They can come in to order their meal but then they have to take it out."
McDonald's became the first restaurant in the area to impose such a measure following the previous week's street brawl, and now it appears KFC have had no option but to follow suit. Of the chain's nearly 900 branches, is is thought that the Meir Park outlet is the first in the country to impose such a rule. Quite how long the ban will remain in place is not known, nor is whether youths eating by themselves will also be subjected to the same strict ban. But for now, any groups of under 18s in the branch will need to be accompanied in a bid to make customers and staff feel safe.

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