Sales Of Cheap Smartphone In High Demand. It’s Only 3 Eur!

It seems to be the big news of the moment: you can buy a smartphone for only 3.3 Euros.The news spread so quickly that the sales have literally gone haywire. Dubbed “the cheapest smartphone in the world”, the phone was developed by in India, produced by Ringing Bells, a firm with grand ambitions, aiming to win the valuable shares of 30% of the world market of mobile telephones.

Unexpected Demand

A few days before the opening of online sales, Ringing Bell’s online website shop, through which it is possible to buy the cheapest smartphone in the world, has gone haywire because of the high volume of visitors looking to buy the phone. In fact, it got over 600,000 visitors!
The Freedom 251 is the name of this new, cheap smartphone that everyone wants to get their hands on, and it was looking to fly off the shelf and sell out online completely. So how does a company manage to manufacture and sell a true smartphone for such a ridiculously low cost?

How Is It So Cheap?

Even the Indian press has raised some concerns, questioning how realistic is it to be able to sell a phone for such a low price. Some have also called into question the authenticity of the phone. Some critics have called it a scam, claiming it bears a striking resemblance to a Chinese phone with the logo covered up. It has also received criticism for it’s close on-screen resemblance to Apple’s iPhone screen.
Until the arrival of the Freedom 251 in India, the cheapest smartphones cost about 30 Euros, leaving the Indian press and producers of competition from around the world wondering how such a price is even possible.
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