Same-sex Marriage For Prime Minister Of Luxembourg.

A low-key ceremony was held for the first gay leader in the European Community (EU), as the Prime Minister of the tiny state of Luxembourg married his partner. Xavier Bettel is being hailed as a symbol of liberalism within the EU, and a perfect example of how far down the highway of social change, we have come as a society.Same-sex Marriage for Prime Minister of Luxembourg The 42-year-old centre-right politician, who rose to power in 2013, married a Belgium architect, Gauthier Destenay. This wedding took place only a few months after gay marriages were legalised in the duchy, which is strongly Roman Catholic. The happy couple arrived at the venue for the wedding holding hands and were applauded by the 100 guests. When the ceremony finished, the pair was showered with confetti and rice. Bettel is the second gay leader in the world and is the first in the EU which is made up of 28 nations. The first gay marriage by a prime minister happened when Iceland's Johanna Sigurdardottir married her partner in 2010.
Among the guests at the wedding in Luxembourg, was the Prime Minister of Belgium, Charles Michel. He said that he had come to his mate's wedding and added that he appreciated how significant the ceremony was from his counterpart from across the border.
The parliament of the country passed a law last year that gave same-sex couples the right to get married. The first weddings occurred in 2015. This makes Luxembourg the latest in a growing list of countries within the EU to go down this route. The wedding comes just seven days before the staunchly Catholic country of Ireland has a referendum on the topic.
Bettel had made the announcement that he planned to marry Destenay in August. Prior to this, he had been in a civil union since 2010. The Prime Minister has a busy political schedule over the next couple of months, so the couple have had to postpone a honeymoon for the moment. Among some of the important events coming up on the political calendar, is the fact that Luxembourg will take over the EU Presidency on July 1. Bettel is also hoping to win the referendum taking place in June on a number of reforms that include cutting the age to vote down to 16.
Bettel replaced Jean-Claude Juncker as prime minister at the end of 2013, when Juncker became head of the EU. After 19 years of conservatism in the country, he has promised to modernise the country.

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