Say Goodbye To Cold Feet!

Cold feet are a problem for many women, especially those who, for professional reasons, are forced to wear shoes with heels or ones that expose their bare feet, which often happens when their look includes a dress or short skirt. So how can you successfully manage this problem? The secret, believe it or not, is to put chili powder inside the tights you wear and in seconds, you’ll experience its pleasant warming sensation! As temperatures remain cold and the thermometer drops, it’s clear why we experience frozen feet: when at work or the office and you can’t be next to a heater or tucked under a blanket, the cold is quick to take over. In the same vein, slipping on a pair of warm wool socks is not something that every woman can do. With a strict dress code and proper attire, especially when that includes wearing a light blouse with heels and tights in a formal situation, the picture of elegance doesn’t exactly afford proper warmth, leaving women with the trouble of trying to prevent the cold. This is not a situation without remedy, however. To prevent catching a cold two to three times every month, there may be something that can be done, even if that means having to dress the same day in and day out. The most natural remedy imaginable, all you have to do is go to your nearest supermarket and buy a little bit of chili!

What Will You Need To Achieve This Effect?

Simply take a teaspoon of chili oil and massage directly into your feet and the beneficial effects can be recognized almost immediately. The hot spice will begin to stimulate and promote blood circulation so that you can say goodbye to frozen feet, toes and even hands. Of course, not everyone has the time or the opportunity to take advantage of this method and give themselves a massage every morning. Never fear, though, because you can always resort to the alternative at the last minute.
In this case, chili powder can be inserted directly into the tights or socks that you wear, creating the same effect. Once you allow the powder to do its magic, you’ll be able walk around and feel the heat from the chili as its spreads to your entire foot, effectively melting the cold away.
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