Say Goodbye To Coughing With Carrots.

That carrots have a very positive effect on the body's health is well known. Not everyone knows, though, that their amazing properties may also be used to ward off seasonal ailments. Those who suffer from coughs, colds and the flu should be getting an extra dose of these orange vegetables, which are rich in certain minerals, such as phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, potassium and iron. By consuming carrots, you can permanently say goodbye to phlegm with an easy to prepare DIY cough syrup, made using four tablespoons of honey and half a kilo of carrots. After being washed and peeled, your carrots must be cut into slices and put in a pot filled with boiling water. Once the consistency of the carrots becomes rather soft, begin mashing them with a fork until the mixture is a creamy consistency. This compound will then be added to the honey.

Other Amazing Benefits

After mixing the two ingredients carefully, the "syrup" that results should be poured in a glass jar and then stored in the refrigerator. By consuming three to four tablespoons per day, you will experience its powerful benefits. Not only will carrots help to alleviate a cold, but you’ll also take advantage of all of their other many benefits, some of which can even help to lengthen your lifespan. They also have the ability to enhance fertility in men while improving low sperm count. In research published in the scientific journal titled, “Fertility and Sterility”, conducted by Jorge Chavarro, it was found that consuming carrots can improve the quality of sperm by 10%. In a study entitled, “Semen quality in relation to antioxidant intake in a healthy male population”, he pointed out that the regular intake of carrots, as well as sweet potato, melon and all other yellow and orange coloured fruits and vegetables, has a positive effect of fertility. CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE …

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