Say Goodbye To Fogged Up Car Windows With This Simple Trick!


During the winter, it seems that every driver deals with the same problem: the car windows constantly fog up! The issue becomes even more annoying when it obstructs the view of the road - fog and rain both blocking the windows is especially dangerous while driving with the wintery road conditions. It helps to turn on the de-fog fan, but as soon as you turn it off, in a few short minutes you’re just back to square one.

So what exactly causes this annoying phenomenon? It’s actually a very simple matter! While driving, especially if the car has multiple passengers, through our breathing or even just by talking, the hot air from our breath coming into contact with the cold glass, due to low outdoor temperatures, creating condensation that quickly steams up the windows. The issue is obviously much more prevalent in the winter months due to the cold weather cooling the glass, however, it can sometimes happen on a particularly cool night in the spring or summer months, too.


The obviously solution and typically the first step in fixing the issue is to turn on the heater. The hot air is able to lower the humidity and in doing so, quickly removes the fog and steam from the windows. It is, however, like stated before, a temporary solution, because as soon as the fan is turned off, the problem returns.

So what can we do to avoid this? There is actually an easy method that can provide some immediate relief and can prevent the inevitable fog from building up on our windows and windshield in the future. By simply applying this method, we can quickly say goodbye to fogged up windows in the winter and drive our cars without having to deal with the obstructing condensation.


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