Sea Turtles - When A Gift From The Ocean Is Returned In Tact


About sea turtles

Sea turtle have inhabited the earth's seas since time began. In fact, they hung around with the dinosaurs; over a million years ago. Sea turtles are born to travel as they need to hunt out new breeding grounds and food sources. During their lifetime, they can journey up to one thousand miles in all. Many of the newborn have to face hazardous conditions as they make easy prey for larger animals because they hatch on the shoreline. Ironically, their biggest threat comes from another predator; the human being. The fishing industry poses continuous dangerous situations for them as they get tangled in lines and nets. Often floating debris gets washed ashore, and this can destroy their natural habitat. Illegal poaching expeditions cause accidents, so these beautiful creatures can meet an untimely death, simply by existing peacefully in our vast oceans. Despite nations pulling together to draft legislation which forbids the trade of sea turtles, the killing of same continues.
When it comes down to accidental bycatch, fishing companies and manufacturers are working hard to figure out new designs and prototypes that will reduce the number of these unfortunate events. There are also many marine conservation teams putting their heads together to come up with new ways to save sea turtles from extinction. Sea turtles are important mammals as they give clear indications of how healthy the ocean and its bed life really is. It's a real celebratory occasion then, when one good Samaritan comes out of the woodwork and does something that neither man nor mammal gets to experience very often.

When man and mammal meet

Off Dana point in sunny California, Jason Kunewa, a seasoned sports-fishing crew man, found himself faced with an unusual and tricky situation. Along with his captain Bo Daniel, Jason had been on the look out for sightings of false killer whales. They were roughly fifteen miles offshore when they chanced upon a seven-hundred pound, leather-back sea turtle. CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE...
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