See These Kid’s Reactions To “We’re Leaving The Dog Behind To Go On Vacation”

If there was any proof that pets really are a part of the family, it’s in this video. When these parents set out to prank their children, claiming they were leaving the dog behind to go on vacation, they must not have known what they were in for. But they didn’t say they were just going to leave the dog behind in a kennel or with friends for the duration. They claimed they would essentially abandon the dog in order to take a relaxing getaway, and it doesn’t sit as well with the kids as maybe it does with the parents.

The Prank

In the video, four sets of parents prank their children, telling the same lie: “we’re going on vacation and leaving the dog behind”. The parents all have a different way of breaking the news to their kids.
Some lay it out there bluntly, while other go into detail about what will happen to the dog. One mother claims they will leave the dog tied to a pole in the middle of nowhere, while another claims they’re set it free in a field. One parent even tells their child they’ll have to give the dog a pat and say goodbye.
Though each one is different, all the children share the same reaction: heartbreak. Each child in the video is young and at that age, their relationship with their pet is often strong. Many young kids who have pets haven’t experienced or know life without their pet and see it as just another member of the family, loved unconditionally.
When bargaining with their parents, the children show they would much rather give up a family vacation than give up the dog. It truly tugs at the heartstrings to see the kids so emotional over their four-legged friends.
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