Selfie Success - Posing With A Bird Of Prey

To attract the opposite sex, they use a calling system and they make grand displays to impress their intended partner. When they settle into family life, bald eagles build a nest called an eyrie. The eyrie can be two feet deep and as big as five feet in width. It's not often people come across the bald eagle in its natural habitat, so it's wonderful when we get to see a close-up shot like this one from Michael and Neil Fletcher

A chance find

A news report from the Sudbury Star in Ontario, Canada, featured Michael and Neil Fletcher; two brothers who went out hunting hoping to run into a few wild grouse. The boys regularly hunt near the town of Dowling, but grouse was scarce. As they were meandering along, they decided to make a detour and wandered deeper into the surrounding woodlands, where they chanced upon a wondrous sight.
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