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About bald eagles

The bald eagle lives in North America. Although they can be spotted all the way from Mexico to Canada, the majority can be found living in Alaska. With its trademark wise, white head, brown body, and yellow bill, the bald eagle is very distinguishable. That's probably why the bald eagle has been the national emblem for the USA since the seventeen hundreds. The image of a bald eagle somehow encapsulates, wisdom, patriotism and strength. Bald eagles have a massive wing span, almost seven feet in fact, and when it's flying it can reach speeds of forty miles an hour, and climb up as high as ten thousand feet in the air.

Natural habitat

Bald eagles prefer to live where there is a continuous supply of water. They make good use of this kind of land as they feed on animals that also inhabit their living area. They have keen eyes and strong talons, and they use both to attack their prey. When it goes into a dive it can race at one hundred miles per hour. When they've killed and secured their catch, they use their powerful beaks to tear apart and eat their meal. Much like swans, bald eagles mate for life.
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