Sensational Salt - Five Ways To Use It Around The House

Mix together a few teaspoons of salt with hot water and use a scrubbing brush to remove the staining. Then place dry coarse salt in a bowl and place it in corners and areas where moist conditions thrive. You'll have clean and dry ceilings and walls in no time at all.

Bath salts

We think nothing about forking out lots of money for luxurious designer bath products but you can actually make your own for half the price. Bath salts are nothing more than perfumed ground salt and they have a three-fold function. Salts add lightness and buoyancy to water, adding to a relaxing experience. They act as a natural cleansing and disinfectant agent, which is why a salt bath is recommended after surgeries or incurring an injury. Thirdly, perfumed bath salts enhance the bathing experience. It is easy to make your own perfumed bath salts by simply adding a few drops of your favourite oil to coarse ground table salt. Choose scents that encourage a sense of tranquillity and calm like lavender or tea-tree.

Cleaning chopping boards

Chopping boards come in for some very tough use as they get pulled out daily for cooking purposes. Most of the time we use them to chop vegetables that have pungent and long-lasting aromas like garlic and onion. Washing chopping boards by hand or in a dishwasher may very well take away the surface substances but a handful of salt, an old-fashioned scrubbing brush and some elbow grease will kill two birds with the one stone. The salt will thoroughly cleanse the wood and reach into the wooden cracks were food particles can get clogged and cause germs to grow. Coarse salt will also get rid of the smell of sharp acidic vegetables that tend to linger.

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