Sensational Salt - Five Ways To Use It Around The House


A natural deodorizer

Stubborn house odours can be hard to shift and most supermarket solutions just masque the unpleasant aromas instead of treating them. Residential habitats expel all kinds of nasty smells as we cook in them and sleep in them and trying to maintain a fresh and relaxing atmosphere can prove difficult.
Sensational salt - five ways to use it around the house
Salt has natural deodorizing components so while we may only use it to sprinkle on chips, it can be used to drive away some of those lingering pongs. For instance, if you have trainers or shoes that have a a bad scent, simply fill them with a good dosage of course salt and leave it to work overnight.

Lime-scale trouble

Lime-scale is that tough, chalk-white substance that builds up on kitchen and bathroom accessories like kettles and shower heads. Believe it or not, salt is a fantastic cleaning agent all by itself and it can cut through lime-scale in double quick time.
Sensational salt - five ways to use it around the house
For a sparkling clean kettle interior, simply scrub course salt against the inner elements, or if preferred dissolve it in hot water and leave to soak for a few hours. To treat a shower head, fill a plastic kitchen food bag with a mix of salt and water and tie it around the spout. The salt will break down the lime-scale inside giving you freely flowing and evenly dispensed water when taking your next shower.


You might have areas of the house that are prone to damp conditions which cause mildew or staining on ceilings and walls. Salt makes an excellent dehumidifier as it naturally absorbs moist conditions. But before you create your dehumidifier it's wise to clean the stains first. You can also do this with salt so you're getting twice the usage for your few cents.

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