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Sharon Stone’s Controversial Harper’s Bazaar Photographs (THE PHOTO ON PAGE 2)


Personal and Health Problems:

Married twice, and with three adopted sons Stone's personal life has similarly had its ups and downs. In 2001 she was hospitalised having suffered a brain haemorrhage. When she was finally allowed to leave hospital she couldn’t read, walked with a limp, and stuttered. During this period, fighting to regain her faculties, her marriage fell apart. As tough as things were, she managed to land a part as an assistant district attorney in the TV series Law and Order. It was during filming, when she began forgetting her lines, that Stone realised life in the limelight was going to be an uphill struggle. As she said during her interview, she knew nothing else, so she just had to get on with it. Over the last 20 years Stone’s interests have blossomed, she is very interested in the Buddhist lifestyle, enjoys penning song lyrics, and became a director, spending time behind as well as in front of the camera. Later this year she is executive-producer, and star, of TNT’s new series Agent X, playing the vice president of America in charge of a go-anywhere, do-anything, under the radar special agent.

The Photo-shoot:

Love or loath Sharon Stone, the knives are out over the Harper’s Bazaar shoot being so heavily photoshopped, yet she probably had little to do with it. The demand for no wrinkles undoubtedly came from the fact she uses and endorses the filler Restylane, and would they want any wrinkles visible on their big star product endorser? Although extolling the virtues of dermal fillers compared to cosmetic surgery, Stone initially began using the product to cover facial damage after her stroke, and from there took on the gig of product spokesperson. The medical problems she had to endure, learning to walk again, dealing with a stammer and memory loss, have made Stone a much stronger, and more determined person. With her career on the up, and her natural beauty, she doesn’t need photoshop. She is a very attractive woman in her own right, and I for one would be more than happy to see another shoot. One without the touch-ups, letting her mature natural beauty shine through. How about a set for your 60th birthday Sharon?
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