She May Seem Like Just A Little Girl, But When You Hear What She Did, You Won’t Believe It

It is a beautiful sunny, summer day. Angela Shymanski is driving back home from the north westerly city of Prince George, British Columbia, Canada. In the car with her are her two young children, Peter and Lexi Shymanski. The mother of two and swimming instructor by trade, is exhausted — her energetic five year old daughter and newborn baby boy require a lot of her energy. Tired and finding she is barely able to stay awake for even the drive home, for just a split second, the mother of the two small children falls asleep behind the wheel, but it only takes that one second to produce these truly dire consequences.

Everything Goes Terribly Wrong

Still moving, though Angela has fallen asleep, the car swerves out of control and is sent flying 12 metres over a cliff and into a ravine, finally crash landing against a tree where it comes to a stop.
Luckily, when Lexi finally opens her eyes shortly after the impact, she thankfully finds she only has a few scratches. She hears the moaning of her little baby brother, just 3 months old, crying away. Her mother, however, is still at the wheel and completely unconscious. Down at the bottom of the cliff where they’ve fallen, no one can see them and it seems to be certain death for all three if help doesn't arrive soon. All of a sudden, however, the little girl of just five years old makes an incredible move.

Daughter To The Rescue!

Lexi has dragged herself out of the crashed car wreckage and climbs along the rock and steep wall of the cliff! Once she arrives at the top along the roadside, she runs towards a passing car crying for help. Thankfully for them, someone spots the frantic little girl and calls emergency services with no time to spare. CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE...
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