Should Bananas Be Eaten Ripe, Or Green?

General diet advice

The knowledge we have about the food we eat today is so far ahead of what we knew even a decade ago. Scientific research into our diets, shows that there are many health benefits from following a healthy balanced diet, not only to prevent disease, but also to promote longevity. We're constantly being told that certain food are good for us, and this often sparks a new trend in healthy eating. The banana has not been overlooked when it comes down to analysing the food we eat. It's a very popular fruit that's consumed in many forms and most commonly as a snack. Like all fruits, the banana goes through various stages of ripening. So, how do we know when it's best to eat them, or it it just a matter of personal preference?

Packed full of goodness

Bananas are an amazing fruit, containing potassium, vitamins A, B and C as well as being high in fibre, magnesium and phosphorus. Like a lot of fruits, bananas are made up of 50% carbohydrate and 50% water.

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