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Show Me How You Sleep And I'll Tell You Who You.

It is said that actions speak louder than words and this is just as true in terms of how we sleep. In fact, the ways that we sleep tend to reflect our unique personalities. What are the ten most common sleeping habits and what can they say about us? This is an interesting question to look at in more detail.

1 - The Foetal Position

Show Me How You Sleep and I'll Tell You Who You Are This is the most common sleeping position; accounting for nearly half of all humans in the world. As you can imagine, this trait has been carried over since we were babies. The foetal position can be seen when you lay on one side or the other with your hands in front of your chest and your feet tucked in. This tends to display those who are shy and lack a certain amount of confidence. Also, such a sleeper tends to worry excessively and analyse things too much. Some can be prone to stress. If a partner is present, the individual will often sleep with his or her back to them.

2 - The Log

There is some truth in the phrase "sleeping like a log". This is the second most common position. As the term suggests, you are a "log" if you sleep on one side or the other with your arms and legs at your sides. Show Me How You Sleep and I'll Tell You Who You AreBarring potential neck problems, this position says a bit about the type of person you are throughout the day. Log sleepers are known to be rather lighthearted and they cam make friends easily. They are confident and are generally able to adapt to most social situations. A downside to these traits is the fact that log sleepers may be a bit naive and they could trust people too easily. They are much more comfortable sleeping with a partner when compared to the foetal sleeper.
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