Shower Power - Eight Ways To Get The Most Out Of Yours


Haircare tips

Most people shower every day, despite the fact that it's totally unnecessary. Washing the hair every day can do more damage than good in the long term too. While there are many shampoos and conditioners on the market claiming to be light and non-greasy, the truth is, excessive washing can dry out the natural oils that keep hair in good condition. Hair should be ideally washed two to three times a week, and some say leaving it for a week can restore natural PH balance. If you have fine wispy hair you should never wash it every day, this only makes the condition of the hair worse. Make sure to buy the right kind of product that suits your hair type.

Moisturising creams

As noted earlier, many of us are now using moisturising creams and lotions after a shower because water can dehydrate tired and taut skin. Many shower gels and lotions incorporate a moisturiser in their products so you may not need a top up. However, a good tip is to apply it before the skin has dried out. For maximum results, use moisturiser when the skin is still slightly damp. This helps lock in the moisturisers and the natural oils already present under the skin. Some apply an exfoliator to the skin before moisturising. It clears away dead skin particles and leaves the skin feeling smooth and refined.

Working out

Gyms have shower facilities for a reason. If you regularly attend a gym or work-out classes, make sure to take a shower afterwards. A shower serves a three-fold purpose. Firstly, it calms the heated skin and returns temperatures to normal. Secondly, the skin sweats and perspires during vigorous activity and while it does eventually dry, not showering gives bacteria a way to develop which can cause rashes, outbreaks and angry red blotches. Hot showers are great for relaxing and soothing tired joints and muscles that have undergone strenuous exercise. It's recommended you have a shower after exercise as it feels good but it also ensures personal hygiene standards.

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