Shower Power - Eight Ways To Get The Most Out Of Yours


Taking care of tootsies

Busy lives demand fast ablutions so many of us don't have time to take baths any more. Perhaps this is why we tend to forget about our feet when we have a quick shower. We assume that our wet feet get the same attention as other body parts, but they do need to be scrubbed, especially between the toes and in and around the nails. Many bacterial fungi thrive in warm crevices, so in between the toes is a perfect breeding ground for germs. It's equally important to thoroughly dry the feet and especially in between each digit.

Sponges and wash cloths

Face cloths, body sponges and other cleaning accessories don't automatically clean themselves. The reason we don't pay enough attention to them is because they get regular doses of shower gel or bath foams. However, because they are moist and warm, they provide ample opportunity for bacteria to blossom. Therefore, it's really important to rinse them as this will get rid of excess soap and skin particles. You should also dry out your shower sponges and cloths and hang them in a place where they can't be contaminated. Sponges should be replaced every three months.

Drying skin

Many of us don't have time to dry skin properly so we do it in a rush. Roughly scrubbing the body with a harsh bath towel can cause friction and prematurely-aged skin. Dermatologists recommend a gentle patting motion instead, as this locks in natural oils and moisture. It's advised that the body is thoroughly dry before dressing. Many women follow a shower with a light body moisturiser. Many drug stores and chemists sell body moisturisers and they're particularly good when used on skin during the winter and summer months. Body moisturiser keeps skin supple and youthful by replenishing the body's natural oils and it acts as a defence against the cruder elements.

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