Silica Sachets - Waste Packaging Or Useful Commodity.

Have you ever thought about those little silica sachets that pour out of the box when you buy a new pair of shoes? Maybe, like many, you've always wondered if there is a better option than just throwing the sachets out. The guide below will provide six top tips to turn your once wasted silica gel sachets into useful items around the home. Read on to find out more.

1 - Rescue your water-damaged phone

It's happened to everyone. The electrical device we once treated so carefully has somehow ended up in a cup of tea, in the sink, or even worse, in the toilet. This event was at one time a complete disaster, warranting an expensive replacement of the device, and an embarrassing story to relay to friends and family when they notice your forced upgrade. Those days, however, are no more once you have saved up a few silica sachets. Simply turn off your water damaged item, remove the battery, and pop the lot in a bowl full of the magic packets overnight. The silica gel will absorb the water, and you should be left with a bone-dry item by the morning. Put the now dry item back together, and the item should spring back into life once more, ready for the next splash. Silica gel sachets save the day!

2 - Store seeds for next year's garden

Anybody with even a passing interest in gardening will relate to the horror of searching through the greenhouse or garage for a packet of the seeds that came up so well last year, only to find that the mould has set in and destroyed your precious plants. One of the most ingenious uses of silica gel sachets is in their ability to keep seeds dry all year round. This handy trick will enable you to recycle the same packs of seed time and again. Your garden will remain lovely year on year, all thanks to silica gel sachets.
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