Sink Or Swim - The Shocking Truth About Sinkholes


When calamity strikes

A small island off South East Queensland, called North Stradbrook, is a firm favourite tourist hotspot. With it's clear blue sea and sandy beaches, it attracts holidaying families all the time. The beach is not usually patrolled which gives it that true getaway feel, but it wasn't the kind of getaway visitors envisaged. A large sinkhole, described as being as big as a football field, unceremoniously opened up with a one hundred metre width being reported. The terrifying noise of the monster alerted tourists as they scrambled to save their lives. They watched in horror as cars, camper vans and tents were swallowed up at the MV Beagle campsite. The incident happened at Inskip point, a popular place for camping families.

A lucky escape

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services were quick to move on the disaster that struck the ill-fated islanders. While nobody was officially harmed, some people were sitting on the edge of the sinkhole and managed to escape just in time.
Sink or swim - the shocking truth about sinkholes
The incident couldn't have happened at a worse time as many holidaying visitors were making good use of the children's school holidays. Senior ranger Dan Clifton, warned that the sinkhole could begin to expand and pose a further threat so one hundred and forty people were evacuated immediately. One witness reported that he had been fishing on the beach, when he heard a terrifying growling sound coming from the earth. A temporary camping site was erected nearby where campers recovered from their ordeal with a truly terrifying natural catastrophe. Meanwhile, the inability to predict sinkholes, and how to handle them, continues to baffle geologists the world over.
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