Sink Or Swim - The Shocking Truth About Sinkholes


What are sinkholes?

Sinkholes are a phenomena that's dominating our news feeds more and more. While they can be located all over the world, they are common in the USA and have been reported to appear in places like Florida and Tennessee a lot. The idea that the ground can open up without warning and swallow everything that sits on it's surface, is truly disturbing, yet it happens more frequently than we'd like to imagine. Sink or swim - the shocking truth about sinkholesPerhaps one of the most alarming stories about sinkholes, was the case of Florida resident, Jeff Bush, who retired to his bedroom. Soon after, a fifty foot sinkhole opened up beneath him, leaving a gaping chasm that was at least thirty feet deep. Sadly, Jeff Bush didn't make it, as the rescue operation was impaired because it was so deep and dangerous to enter. Often sinkholes continue to expand with aftershocks and support systems caving in. It's a story that shocked the world, not least off all, the poor man's surviving family members.

What causes sinkholes?

Sinkholes are a result of corroded rock structures which keep everything solid beneath our feet. They can be man-made or form due to natural causes. With climate change a reality and no longer a theory, sinkholes may start appearing more often simply because water levels are rising, and constantly attacking the earth's structure. Sinkholes don't appear overnight, but are a result of many years of silent corrosion. As gravity pulls water down to the rocks and dirt beneath us, it slowly eats away at the crust and eventually the tough rock weakens over time. Sinkholes can also develop when there in a constant flow of water, (caused by flooding, for instance) and it has no other place to go. When it's left sitting on rock it dissolves the structure causing it to implode and collapse. One such horrific event happened recently in Australia, causing widespread panic and worry that there's more to come.
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