Sink Or Swim - What To Do When Your Car Goes Under Water

How accidents occur

Every year in the USA alone, roughly four hundred people die while trapped inside a car that's gone under water. Accidents like this are heartbreakingly familiar and are hard to fathom, especially if young children are involved. Sadly, cars going under water is becoming a common complaint, as we see more and more flash floods evolve globally because of climate changes. Who can forget the sordid images of the 2004 Tsunami in Thailand that claimed 230,000 lives, or the sea of cars carrying powerless passengers to their death in the great Japanese tsunami in 2011? One can only imagine such a horrendous fate. Yet, many people die from drowning in a vehicle due to other circumstances. A very sad case was that of the recent tragedy in Buncranna, Ireland. Five members of the one family were parked on a slippery pier when the car slid into water and all of them perished, proving that there doesn't have to be tons of water present to cause such a catastrophe.CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE...
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