Six Powerful And Amazing Healing Stones


1 - Opalite

As the name hints, opalite is a beautiful healing stone often defined by its translucent hue. These scintillating characteristics are enhanced by its rather delicate nature. Its soft tones and intricate crystalline structure are said to be very powerful for meditative purposes. So, experts believe that it should primarily be placed over the crown chakra. Due to its calming properties, opalite has also been called the "stone of eternity".Opalite It can help to restore broken sleep and to create peace within an environment (such as a room of the home). It is rumoured to be able to cleanse old fears and worries that have carried over from different lifetimes. If you feel stressed, nervous or anxious, this healing stone is an excellent option to consider. It also can prove to be an eye-catching piece of jewellery.

2 - Malachite

Another very common healing stone is known as malachite. Malachite is defined by deep blue-green ribbons which emanate out from its centre. Such mesmerising hues are said to be heavily involved with protecting the wearer from negative energies and influences. These can either be generated from within the body or from a specific area (such as a public location). Those who are particularly sensitive to the energies of others will normally find malachite to be a very useful healing stone. Even physical conditions such as harsh overhead lighting or a fear of flying are said to be alleviated by malachite. This stone is also used to protect those undertaking a long journey; underpinning its guardian-like nature. With such protection, it can also promote healthy risk-taking techniques while encouraging positive changes in one's life. Those who may feel as if they are being emotionally (or spiritually) assaulted on all sides should choose malachite as their healing stone.

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