South Carolina Couple Reimagine Britney Spears’ Greatest Hits In Unique Pregnancy Announcement

A couple from South Carolina, USA, have announced that they are expecting their second child by creating a hilarious video montage using some of their favourite Britney Spears songs. The video, entitled “Baby One More Time – Pregnancy Announcement by Vintage Marquee Lights with the music of Britney Spears,” features Jerrad Green and his wife, Machel, exploring the first five months of pregnancy with baby-themed song lyrics and signature dance moves.
Beginning with their own rendition of “Oops, I Did it Again,” which they retitled “Oooh, We’re Pregnant Again,” Machel, dressed in a red turtleneck jumper reminiscent of Spears’ red latex catsuit, is spot on with her “yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeahs” and head turns. They then follow up with more versions of Britney Spears’ most popular tracks, including “Toxic”, which they retitled “Nauseous” in honour of Machel’s morning sickness. It features Machel surrounded by two of her pregnancy cravings, hamburgers and fries. They then reveal the difficulties of keeping their pregnancy a secret with a little help from “I’m A Slave For You,” which they retitled “I’m A-Voiding You.” It features Machel dodging friends at the supermarket while singing lines such as “I’m a-voiding you” and “I’ve got a secret too soon to spill it.” Towards the end of the video, the couple reveal their joy over the sex of their baby with the songs “Everytime” and “Pretty Girls.”
While it is clear that considerable time and effort went into creating the five-minute video, it is not out of character for the pair, who previously produced alternative Michael Jackson and Taylor Swift videos. Machel is also a former Miss Dance of South Carolina, with 10 years’ professional dance experience to her name. She met Jerrad, a Grammy award winning drummer, at the theatre where they both worked. After being “let go” from the company on the same day as each other, they decided to start their own design company, Vintage Marquee Lights. It was on the company’s YouTube channel that they posted the unique clip.
Speaking to E! News about the video, the couple said that they were “beyond ecstatic” to announce their second pregnancy. They claimed that they had never been afraid to go after their dreams and that, despite being adults, always found time to fool around. They added that they hoped that their daughter would not be too embarrassed upon learning of the video.

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