Stay Hydrated For A Healthy Body And Mind

Water is intrinsic to the human condition; millions of years ago our ancestors came out of the sea. Our bodies are 2/3rd water Without water, we die; in approximately 24 hours in an external, hot, dry environment; 3 days inside. We should be drinking 2-3 litres of water at least each day, taking into account that whilst many of the drinks we consume are largely water, other constituents like coffee, tea, alcohol have a diuretic effect.

A car needs oil to keep it lubricated so that the many mechanical components keep working efficiently; water is the body’s oil, it facilitates the distribution of nutrients and oxygen in the blood stream which it maintains at the correct viscosity. Thick blood is harder to pump and places strain on the heart.

Keeping the system clean

Our bodies need to eliminate toxins. Water, by diluting those toxins, provides the medium for flushing them out. If the body is dehydrated the process doesn’t work effectively, the toxins remain longer than desirable, a consequence of which can be headaches or migraine. Urination also helps get rid of toxins. A sure sign that the body is sufficiently hydrated is clear urine. If urine is yellow or bordering on orange then a drink of water is needed. Similarly, water lubricates the process of elimination. No one wants constipation which can not only be painful but also the beginning of problems ranging from bloating and stomach pains through to Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Don’t Stomach it!

Digestive acid produced in the stomach is caustic which is why, in order to protect the stomach wall, it is coated in mucus which is 98% water. If the body is dehydrated then mucus production suffers and the stomach becomes acidic which can result in ulcers and reflux, which causes heartburn.

Be sure what you are feeling are hunger pangs.

The body’s thirst for water isn’t always signalled by a dry mouth and throat, sometimes it manifests as hunger pangs. This can cause sufferers to eat when it isn’t necessary and if this occurs often can lead to weight gain. People need to recognise the symptoms, ask themselves when they last ate and how likely it is they are still hungry. Often all that is required is a glass of water.

Avoid fatigue

Dehydration causes a feeling of fatigue with accompanying headaches. People lose their spark and become lethargic. This downward spiral can easily be avoided by keeping water level topped so that cellular functioning is optimized and the endocrine system functions properly, flushing out those toxins, keeping the metabolic rate high and burning calories.

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