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Syrian Man And Daughter Selling Pens To Earn Living For Family


Getting straight to work, Abdul Halim al-Attar invested the money he received by opening a slew of shops in Lebanon. Understanding first-hand the struggles that others have went through, he made special care to employ other Syrian refugees to enable them to have a better way of life through employment and to give them a sense of hope.Syrian Man and Daughter Selling Pens to Earn Living for Family Abdul has also sent back some of the money to his friends and family that remain in Syria and are trying to endure the crisis. Abdul was said to be very grateful for the help and when questioned, he replied that due to the outpouring of support, his life and the life of his family had changed dramatically.

Abdul now has a two-bedroom apartment which he shares with his daughter and family. The money has helped him achieve a quality of life that was impossible before when he was just selling pens. He now has clean clothes, shelter and food with the security that they will continue to survive. Along with Abdul and his family, there are over 1.2 million more Syrian refugees currently in Lebanon. Many struggle to find employment and are discriminated against, and Abdul is trying his best to employ as many as he can.

Now Abdul feels that he is a productive member of his community and has more respect than he ever had before. When he was a pen seller his countrymen would just pass by him, but now acquaintances will come up to him on the street and greet him where before they did not. Before he was a single parent of two, but now he is a business owner who is able to help others in his community. This is a heart-warming story but it also raises awareness of the refugee crisis that still exists and that many more still require help in Lebanon as they lack even basic resources and income.

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