Syrian Man And Daughter Selling Pens To Earn Living For Family


In a heart-warming development, a photographer took photographs of a male Syrian refugee named Abdul Halim al-Attar and his daughter Reem while they sold pens around the streets of Beirut. Due to the conflict in Syria, it was necessary for them to resort to the selling of pens to raise money for his family to survive after the displacement.Syrian Man and Daughter Selling Pens to Earn Living for Family Abdul was carrying his daughter as he tried to convince passers-by to purchase the pens so that they could have food and shelter for another day. The photos have since went viral and the family has been tracked down with many wishing to help them in their struggle. The photos have given a unique and human insight into the refugee crisis and many viewers have stepped forward wishing to help the family through charitable donations.


The identity of the man and his daughter was found merely twenty-four hours after the iconic photograph was taken. They were quickly tracked down and contacted so that they could be helped in their plight. Due to the conflict in Syria, thousands of people have been displaced from their homes, losing all of their possessions and being separated from family and friends. This heartbreaking photo was taken in Beirut and has since caused an outpouring of donations. Arranged by a Norwegian web developer called Gissur Simonarso, it was possible to raise money for this family using an online crowd funding campaign.

This was put together swiftly and allowed people from all over the world to raise money and support Abdul and his family in their struggle. Everyone was surprised by the magnitude of the donations and nearly two hundred thousand dollars were raised. Gissur Simonarso informed Abdul by telephone and he was said to be shocked and “completely over the moon”. As Abdul is a refugee and had almost nothing to his family's name, he thus had big plans for the money to secure their future.

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