Tar Pits In Chile - Natural Wonders Or Are They Something Else?


Tar pits in Chile

There are so many natural wonders to be witnessed along the beautiful terrain of Chile. The silent bays of Chiloe, the picture-perfect beaches on Easter Island and the active volcano Villarica near Pucón to name just a few. One of the most prominent features though are Chile's numerous tar pits which are common sights for all to behold. Their sleek and glassy surfaces attract onlookers. Tar pits are formed when crude oil makes its way up and through the cracks of the earth's crust. When it surfaces the light fraction of the oil dissipates and what's left is a sticky substance called asphalt. This substance then forms a pool or pond. While they can make for spectacular sight-seeing expeditions, if someone was to accidentally fall in to one, the liquid contained within can be very dangerous as the murky tar makes movement almost impossible as one local was to find out. Jhonny Alquinta and his son was driving near Antofagasta city in Chile when they chanced upon one such tar pit. Their curiosity got the better of them so Jhonny decided he was going to stop to let his son see the asphalt pit close up. Both were in for a terrible shock as nothing could have prepared either of them for what they saw next.

Natural wonder or devils pit?

As Jhonny and his son pulled up next to the tar pit, to take a closer look at it, they noticed something moving in it. To their horror, they realized it was in fact a dog and the dog was unbelievably still alive. Together, Jhonny and his son worked hard to get the poor pup out the tar. While they worked tirelessly to rescue the dog from its ill fate, they discovered that he had also been tied up in a sack. Whoever had dumped the dog in the tar had obviously planned to make sure that the dog didn't have any chance of escape at all. CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE...
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