Tea Is Delicious... And Teabags Are Useful. Here's Why People In The Know Recycle Them!

Everyone loves tea. Maybe every person, but it speaks to tea's worth that in most countries, its consumption can be measured in grams per head per year. As amazing as that is, it goes further. Many people talk about British stereotypes of drinking tea, but tea is at its absolute most popular in Turkey... where people drink 200 grams per head per year! That's an amazing figure, and with good reason.

The anatomy of tea

Tea itself is amazing,whether it's with or without milk, with mint leaves, or with lemon. It can be black, red, white, and a variety of other colours, each one corresponding to its own rainbow of flavours. Most importantly for our purposes, in many countries, tea comes in "classical" paper pouches with pores, which are slowly provide their wealth of natural sugars, herbs and various other ingredients to the boiled water that will eventually become a cup (or ten!) of tea.

But a teabag's life doesn't need to end there!

After all is said and done, and the tea's been enjoyed to the last drop, the teabag usually goes in the garbage, if it didn't before then. But there are ways to give your "used" teabags a new lease on life.

For example...

You can use teabags as an effective deodorant for shoes. Especially if you or someone you know is an athlete, but in all cases really, shoes can start to smell. A teabag, either dried out a day or two after preparing tea or one that hasn't been used, can be placed inside a shoe to alleviate the smell.

Presenting the teabag user's "cookbook"!

There's a lot more you can do, of course. Here's another example: tea contains nutrients that soothe soil and make perfect aids for flower growth. That's right: put teabags in your garden carefully and the odds are good they'll help more than they hurt. CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE...

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