Teeth-whitening Tips- How To Brighten Your Smile Naturally

Professional teeth-whitening is more popular because the results are more instant, simply because the levels of peroxide are higher and therefore more potent. It also cuts out all that waiting time and having to wear the tray for months to get the same effect. Dental surgeons have always warned that the prolonged use of teeth-whitening solutions can damage the tooth enamel, so what if there was a safer method that didn't cause any harm and didn't break the bank?
The benefits of baking soda
Baking soda is getting some good press again as it's being hailed as a useful kitchen component and not for its original purpose as a baking agent. It can be turned into a home-made deodorant because it has an odour neutralization in the composition. Baking soda has been used over the years as a kitchen cleaning agent because of its abrasive aspect. It can clean worktops and pots and pans and removes stubborn stains from kitchen appliances. Some people even use it as a paste to ease itching from insect bites or mild burns to the skin. Baking soda has some health benefits when taken internally; it can help with indigestion and heartburn episodes.

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