Ten Alternative Ways For Oxygenated Water To Be Utilized.


1 - It can be used as an antiseptic to clean wounds

Whether you're at office, school, or home, you can clean small wounds with ease if you have oxygenated water with you. It cleans and disinfects your wounds perfectly, but you can make it more effective by using 5% hydrogen peroxide. It is equally effective in fixing your small cuts. All you have to do is soak a cotton ball in the solution and place it right on your affected area to disinfect and trigger healing. The good thing is that it is equally effective in removing dead tissue and works great as an oral de-braiding agent. It is however important not to leave it on your open wound for long – it is an oxidative antiseptic and may cause mild damage if left for an extended time on open wounds.

2 - It is a mild bleaching agent for laundry

Every woman knows how important bleach is to keep white clothes look bright. What if you don't have bleach at home and want to clean your clothes? You may take advantage of oxygenated water that serves as a perfect alternative to bleach. The amount of oxygen found in water makes it an effective choice to get rid of blood, food and other organic stains. Apply it directly on your clothes and leave it for a few minutes. The stain will come out, leaving white, soft fabric. You can also make a solution by adding hydrogen peroxide to liquid detergent and use it to clear red wine stains.

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