Ten Amazing Alternative Uses For Salt


1. Cleaning a Moka Coffee Pot

Moke coffee pots are very popular for those who wish to enjoy a stronger brew or for anyone who desires a coffee that boasts more of an espresso flavour. However, these pots can become damaged over time as a result of calcification. This can be frustrating and it is not uncommon for the coffee to display a rather bitter flavour as a result. One of the best ways to counteract this situation is to clean the inside of the pot with warm water. Once the initial residue has been taken care of, take a bit of salt and a rag. Gently grind the crystals into the surface with the rag. The salt acts as an abrasive agent which can help to remove any calcification on exposed areas.

2. Less Egg on Your Face

Everyone enjoys the occasional egg. Whether cooking a few up for breakfast or mixing a batch of fresh mayonnaise, eggs are true wonders of nature. Still, there are rather unfortunate times when we lose control and this delicate food falls to the floor. This is a frustrating situation and it is a well-known fact that cleaning up the slimy residue of an uncooked egg is a bit challenging. One great way to make life a bit easier is to sprinkle salt over the broken egg. Let the mixture stand for approximately 20 minutes. During this time, the salt will act as a coagulant. The egg will firm up and it is therefore much easier to clean. If you find that it is still a bit too slimy, simply add more salt and wait an additional ten minutes. You will indeed be impressed with this handy trick!

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