Ten Amazingly Useless Architectural Creations


1. A Bridge Above the Ground

What purpose could this bridge serve? It’s clear that it was built to create a link from one side of the swimming pool to the other, only the architect seems to have forgotten that it is necessary for the bridge to actually pass over the water to make it useful. This one, however, was built over perfectly good land that already made it possible to pass to the other side on foot. In any case, even if the bridge is useless, that doesn’t make it any less charming. Though it may not function to cross over an obstacle, like any good bridge should, it is, at the very least, a nice looking decorative bridge. In a sense, it still works to cross people from side to side, even if it is completely arbitrary.

2. An Unreachable Door

We use doors everyday; who doesn’t? But in this case, it’s hard to imagine how anyone actually could. From the outside of the building, unless you can fly or jump really high, it seems nearly impossible for someone to open it. From the inside, however, it probably looks like any other door and is likely very easily accessible, although probably very dangerous. It’s probably a good idea to be aware of your surroundings and pay close attention when exiting through doors in this building or you may find yourself in an accidental free fall. Still, it makes you wonder — who was responsible for this design? Was there a secret technology developed for invisible stairs that only architects know about and can use?
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