Ten Bra Tricks That Every Woman Should Know.


10. Hiding the Bra Straps

Are you looking to extend the lifespan of your bra while simultaneously hiding the straps? This is a common desire during the warmer months of the year when loose-fitting shirts are worn. Unfortunately, hiding these straps can sometimes prove to be a bit tricky and many women will instead choose to purchase strapless models online. A great way around this situation is to fasten the two back straps together with the use of a simple paper clip. This is a quick and easy way to show off those tanned shoulders without stirring the curiosity of any prying eyes nearby. Let's also remember that as opposed to buying a specific strapless bra, this is also a very cost-effective alternative.

9. Stopping the Pain of a Worn-Out Underwire

While the last suggestion was more concerned about your aesthetic appearance, this next tip revolves around your comfort throughout the day. One of the most annoying problems with any classic bra (while not speaking bad about any specific make or design) is that the underwires used can cause a great deal of discomfort; particularly if the surrounding fabric is worn down. Some even feel as if they are tiny metal swords that are constantly digging into their skin. Abrasions and bruising are not uncommon during the more severe cases. You might believe that there is no way to end this female form of suffering. Thankfully, there is indeed hope. The best method is to use a material which will create a barrier between the bra underwire and your skin. Cotton is a very common choice. However, never forget that even pantyhose or nylon tights can be wrapped around the portion of the bra which is causing discomfort. A little ingenuity can go a long way!

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