Ten Easy Ways To Get A Flat Belly And Keep It.


A toned tummy doesn’t just look good it’s healthy. Here’s 10 ways to get a flat belly:

1. Eating your way to success

If you want to get into your skinny jeans or little black dress, you need to eat the right foods. Counting calories at every meal isn’t vital to losing weight; it’s more important to choose what’s good and dump what’s bad. First off, get rid of processed junk foods like crisps, fast food meals and microwave dinners. Replace them with vegetables, lean protein and whole grains. They fill you up with fibre and make you feel fuller. Go nuts over nuts. Researchers found that people who eat nuts twice a week gain less weight. And keep an eye on your dairy intake. Dairy foods are high in calories, so keep your portions small or choose low fat. But don’t cut out dairy products altogether because that can encourage your body to make more fat cells. Also eating monounsaturated fats in foods like avocados, olives, olive oil, nuts and seeds helps your body burn body fat.

2. Eat smaller portions

Eating little and often is sometimes a good way to curb your appetite. Five or six small meals can be better than three big ones and can help control sugar levels. But this doesn’t suit everyone. If you prefer to eat bigger meals fewer times during the day, then don’t change. The important thing is to think about the size of your portions. One way to reduce the lard around your middle is to swap your usual plate for a smaller one. This gives the illusion that the plate has a lot of food on it. After a little while, you won’t notice the difference, but your waistline will. A healthy snack helps keep your metabolism high and will get you through to dinner time but don’t have too many.

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