Ten Fat Burning Diets.


While exercise is an important part of any healthy regime, diet is still fundamentally crucial for anyone wishing to lose fat. Below we look at the 10 most important fat burning diets, tips and ideas:

1 - Maintain a Calorific Deficit

Rule number one for anyone wishing to burn fat may seem obvious, but it is ignored by many. You must consume less calories than you expend, in order to lose those crucial pounds. When you do so, the body will dip into your fat reserves in order to make up the deficit - hence utilising fat already being held by the body and, by extension, making the body leaner as a result.Ten Fat burning diets This means that, with every foodstuff you consume, it is important to note the calorie content. Average calorie consumption for your body weight is readily available, so it is important to keep a check - even if not done as an exact science - as to how many calories you have consumed against your daily requirement. This relatively simple rule is the bedrock against which all of your fat burning diets will be built upon.

2 - Choose Whole Grains Where Possible

Studies have shown that the human body expends twice as many calories breaking down whole grains, than it does with refined or processed grains. While television and billboard advertisements are quick to advocate the virtues of whole grains, it can be difficult to ascertain exactly what they are, as well as what they do. Ten Fat burning dietsA grain is considered whole when the entire kernel is present, whilst refined grain usually removes 2 of the 3 parts (bran and germ), leaving only 1 (the endosperm). This refinement results in an average of 25% of the protein being lost.
Whole grains can be obtained more easily than first imagined. The ever-increasing popularity of quinoa is down to its whole grain goodness; but even foods like brown rice, oatmeal and barley are readily available and can be incorporated into many meals that you may already make. Even a small change such as brown rice for white rice is a step toward your fat burning goal.

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