Ten Female Bad Habits Men Can't Stand.


As amazing as we women are, there are a few things we do on a regular basis that drive men up the wall. Here are ten habits that guys find annoying or fail to understand. Check them out and see whether you are as guilty as sin or as innocent as an angel.

1. You obsess over your weight

Living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a sensible weight may not be enough for you. You may feel the need to scrutinise every square inch of your body for lumps, bumps and other flaws that your man would never even notice.Ten Female Bad Habits Men Can't Stand In fact, it is likely that he shakes his head in bemusement as you stand disgruntled in front of the mirror, analysing whether your waist has grown in size after last night’s Indian banquet. The lesson here is twofold: stop the judging yourself while standing in front of the mirror and do not bother to ask your man awkward questions such as “does my bum look big in this?” Rather than rely on your man to give you a confidence boost, work on retraining your brain to think positively. To speed up the process, post notes with positive messages on your mirror and read them out loud every day.

2. You gossip incessantly

Dishing the dirt on the love lives of friends is something you may do with great pleasure – something your man will never get. While you might rejoice in the rumour that your boss is sleeping with his latest intern, it is likely that your man does not consider this “information” worthy of his attention. Ten Female Bad Habits Men Can't StandGossiping in front of your man can be a risky activity, as it can quickly lead to a sense of distrust. It can leave him questioning your discreetness, and can reveal the true extent of your insecurities and mean-spiritedness. While it is not necessary to completely quash the urge to gossip in front of your man, it is important to understand that your man will probably never share your love for creating unnecessary drama. Cutting back on gossiping may be as hard to do as cutting back on carbs, but you will reap the rewards in the long run.
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