Ten Germ Baths You Didn't Know About...


1 - Spectacles

It's easy to forget the importance of regular cleaning; not just on an 'ad hoc' basis for the crockery and cutlery we use for our three square meals, but in so many other areas that we often do not give a second thought to. Think about it; a plate or a fork gets picked up, makes contact with our hands, mouth and worktops, and then is generally cleaned within hours, sometimes minutes for those lucky enough to have a dishwasher.Ten Germ Baths You Didn't Know About But this is only scratching the surface. How many of us really think about cleaning our glasses? This often worn and misplaced piece of equipment sits within centimetres of our eyes, and rest squarely above the nose; one of the body's biggest collectors of bacteria. Without adequate cleaning, germs from the nose can swiftly make their way up to the eyes, and quite soon, a relatively small cold can tern into conjunctivitis. And notwithstanding our body's own germ baths, it can be shocking when one thinks about where the glasses have been sat before we put them on our faces. The bathroom? Next to the trash? Yet a simple antibacterial clean with inexpensive wipes can seriously reduce or even negate the risk of infection, bacterial transfer and illness.

2 - Door Handles

But it's not only dirty spectacles that can make a woman squirm just thinking about it. In the house, one of the biggest germ carriers are door handles, and there are plenty of these in the average home, in daily use, being grabbed and twisted and coming into contact with hands repeatedly, making an ideal breeding ground for all manner of germs. Ten Germ Baths You Didn't Know AboutIf you think about it, these are probably one of the most touched areas of the house, and if you have visitors, the transfer of bacteria is even greater. Combine that with a trip to or from the bathroom and it doesn't bear thinking about! It only takes seconds to run a cloth over a door handle and wipe out the majority of bacteria on it, yet the importance of this is overlooked and is one of the most forgotten causes of sickness in the home.
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