Ten Great Ways To Lose Weight At Work.

The modern "rat race" can be time consuming; especially if you find that you are required to work long hours and it is not possible to head off to the gym at the end of the day. Still, this is no excuse for gaining excess weight. What are the top ten ways to trim your love handles and burn calories while you are at work?

10 - Cut Your Cravings

Ten Great Ways to Lose Weight at Work One of the biggest contributors to a bulging tummy is the addition of sweets to your normal diet. Mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks should be avoided at all costs; particularly when these sinful delights are loaded with sugars and excess carbohydrates. Eating a sensible breakfast and a healthy lunch will help to dramatically lessen such cravings. If you do find that you are lacking energy during these times, try a bowl of fruit or a fat-free energy drink to give you the boost that you need to keep working at your most productive levels.

9 - Water and Plenty of It

There are several reasons why water is one of the safest and healthiest dietary supplements. First of all, drinking plenty of water will keep your cells hydrated. Ten Great Ways to Lose Weight at Work This can help you to feel more alert while providing you with a healthy glow. However, water will also fool your stomach into thinking that you have eaten more food. So, you will be able to tackle any cravings while providing your body with the hydration that is so very necessary for everyday functioning. Always try to drink bottles or distilled water, as sources from the tap are likely to contain excess minerals and the taste may be a bit "off".

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